You’re paying way too MUCH for electricity and that needs to change NOW.

Premium Solar Solutions Offers Substantial Savings with Solar PV systems in the Ballina Shire and surrounding areas.

The cost of installing a Solar PV system in Ballina Shire has fallen dramatically over the last 10 years. In that same time electricity costs have more than doubled. Australia has some of the highest electricity prices in the world. If you’re sick of the constant price rises, then investing in a Solar Power system is a ‘no brainer’. Premium Solar Solutions would like to enable you to take advantage of these strong power savings and in doing so dramatically reduce your monthly expenses. Now is the perfect time to install your Solar PV system for either commercial or residential in the Ballina Shire and beyond.

Ballina Shire Residential Payback Time 4 – 5 years

Ballina Shire Commercial Payback Time 2 – 3 years

Where else can you get returns of between 20% – 50% risk free?

Pay LESS for HOT WATER with our NEW Product OFFER Power Diverters

Premium Solar Solutions can offer you even more value by enabling your Solar Panels to heat up your hot water without changing your existing electric hot water system. Yes, with an inexpensive ‘power diverter’ your Solar PV system can also power your electric hot water system. With this device, the excess Solar Power generated incrementally heats your hot water without drawing power from the grid. Our fitted Solar Immersion power diverter has been called ‘the most sophisticated and successful power diverter in the market’.

So, why wait and continue to waste your hard-earned income on inflated power costs from the grid?

We’re a SMALL local business but we’re going to make a HUGE difference to your energy bills.

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