Since December 31 2016, recipients of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme have stopped receiving bill credits for their exported solar energy. The Solar Bonus Scheme offered 60c per kilowatt-hour but now that the scheme has ended these rates have dropped significantly (to as low as zero), depending on your electricity retailer and the plan that you are on.

Many are asking what now? We are used to using our electricity as we always have and receiving those credits to supplement or completely cover our power bill. Can our Solar system still give us significant savings on our power bill?

Here’s some simple steps to managing your Solar system and future solar savings to continue reducing your bills.

Get a net meter – have a level three electrician install a net meter for a one-off cost. This is also a great time to have your system checked by an accredited and reputable Solar installer

Make it your goal to self-consume as much of your solar energy as possible – change the way you consume electricity if possible. This is most important aspect of changing from Gross to Net metering to optimise your usage. Using your own power produced by your Solar system in the daytime is the most efficient way to save on power bills.

Explore your options for maximising your Solar systems energy – now is the time to explore and compare power supply plans from Energy retailers. Many retailers will have more competitive prices on supply while also giving higher feed in tariffs (FIT) rates for your excess electricity produced from your system. The amount for your supply or service charge can also vary greatly between companies.

Other options to maximise your Solar Energy. 

  • Set up timers to run your devices during the day
  • Get a hot water diverter
  • Install an energy management system
  • Get a battery storage system
  • Add more panels to your existing system

Your solar system will be there for decades to come so your energy savings have just begun. Now is the time to get to know your system and make it work for you. As a home or business owner you will soon realise that it’s one of the best investments you have made as it continues to give back for years.

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